Chief Financial Manager

Position Title and Location
    Chief Financial Manager-- Zhuhai Pingsha

Position Description:
    Report to the CEO of the UFE, the incumbent will be responsible to monitor the financial situation of UFE.

Past Experience and Responsibility:
1. Strategic financial planning, preparing consolidated account, cash flow projections and other
    company’ secretarial duties.
2. Establish and refine financial policies and systems to improve management efficiency and
3. Liaise well with auditor to advise CEO on operation improvement, taxation and currency
4. Monitor the consolidated account to advise the Director on investment plans and dividends
5. Perform due diligence, risk analysis and company valuation on acquisition activities.
6. Maintain good relationship with banks, auditors and government officials.

Education & Training:
1. Degree holder in Accounting or Finance and CPA qualifications are mandatory. Postgraduate
    degree holder will have advantage.
2. Qualified accountants with 10 years or above experienced gained in WOFE or International JV.
3. Excellent communication and presentation skills. Good ability to understand the
    needs and explain in plain language.
4. Possess pro-active and hands-on approach with strong business acumen.
5. Proven track record in providing effective financial leadership and direction.
6. Excellent communicator in English and mandarin.


职位名称及工作地点: 财务总监 — 珠海平沙


1. 制订财政计划,预备综合账户,现金流动预测和其它公司的文书责任。
2. 为提升管理的效率和效益,建立和完善财务政策和制度。
3. 与审计人员保持良好的合作关系,向CEO提供业务改进计划及税收和货币方面的管理建议。
4. 通过监督公司的综合账户,为公司董事会制订合理的投资计划和股利分配。
5. 工作勤快,能在收购活动中为公司进行风险分析和价值评估。
6. 与银行,审计员和政府官员保持良好的合作关系。

1. 会计或者财务专业,而且必须持有注册会计师资格证书。研究生优先考虑。
2. 有10年或10年以上外商独资企业和国际合资企业的财务工作经验。
3. 要求具有优秀的沟通和表达能力,理解能力强。
4. 掌握积极和实际操作方法,具有较强的商业触觉。
5. 提供具体的案例证明。
6. 英语和普通话熟练。


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