Financial Manager

Position Title and Location
    Financial Manager - zhuhai

Position Description:
1.To be responsibility for the work of company’s financial management with the group’s CFO
2.Design and establish the financial management system
3.To develop the company’s financial system and implement it after approved
4.Take charge of the implementation and supervision of company's financial budgeting and budget
5.Take charge of the company’s management and financial analysis; problem solving when needed
6.With the analysis, evaluation and assessment for the implementation of company’s budget
7.Take charge of the whole fund management, including the budget, fund control, to maximize the use of     company’s fund
8.Take charge of the company’s tax planning and management, to ensure tax is timely, accurate and     legitimate
9.Take charge of the company’s invoices
10.Take charge of the export and import’s settlement, document’s verification and export tax rebate, etc.

Past Experience:
1.Minimum of three (3) years financial work experience in import and export
2.Familiar with nation and Zhuhai’s laws and regulations
3.with excellent ability and being able to work as a team
4.With a strong work ethic, sense of responsibility, hardworking and can definitely work under pressure.

Education & Training:
1.Above college education and major in finance, accountant qualification’s certificate holders
2.English level not less than CERT-4, can use English to make conversation with foreign employees.

Contact Details:

Please send your resume to, Thanks


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