Quality Ensure Engineering—Urgent

Position Title and Location
Quality Ensure Engineering – Base in Shenzhen

Position Description:
1. Take charge of approval of Electrical products Shipments.
2. Checking compliance certificates/ reports (LVD, EMC etc.).
3. Pulling together issues raised by Testing Engineer from sample testing and questioning responses from the
    suppliers - ensuring the product is fit for sale.
4. Creating the TCF pack of information for ordering new products sign by Quality Manager to get the prior
    commercial sign off for ordering new products.
5. Other job by Manager.

Past Experience:
1. At least 3~5 years solid electric products quality ensure. Above 1 year lab managing experience is preferred.
2. Familiar with international standard LVD, EMC, IEC, EN and BSI etc.).
3. Fluent English skill especially at major field.
4. Good team work, and can work under pressure.
5. Working at Inspection Company will be advantage.

Education & Training:
1. Male, 45 ages below, junior college degree in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical is a must.
2. Fluent oral and read English is a must.
3. English level not less than CET-4, can communicate with foreign colleagues in English.


工程师 —深圳福田区

1. 负责电器产品出货质量审批.
2. 负责产品合格证书的检验,如LVD, EMC等.
3. 根据工程师产品测试结果及问题反映给供应商,确保产品符合销售标准.
4. 制定新产品测试标准和出货质量要求信息单,为经理签订优先商业订单提供质量保证.
5. 上司交待的其他工作.

1. 最少3至5年的电器产品质量保证经经验,最好有产品质量测试经验.
2. 熟悉国际认证标准,如LVD,EMC, IEC, EN 或BSI等.
3. 专业领域英语熟练.
4. 优秀的团队合作精神,能吃苦耐劳,能在压力下工作.
5. 有第三方测试机构工作经验者优先.

1. 男,45岁以下,本科以上学历,专业为机械制造及机电一化类理工科专业毕业.
2. 英语读、说、写非常流利,最少大学英语四级以上,能与外藉员工进行英语交流。

Contact Details:

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