Senior Custom Declarer

Position Title and Location
    Senior Custom Declarer – Shenzhen

Position Description:
1.Responsible for the customs declaration of the company export business.
2.Ensure the accurate preparation of import and export customs declaration.
3.Priorities the clearance flow in order to achieve the quickest transit time possible.
4.Ensure clearance authority held, and clearance is completed in accordance with the owner's instructions.
5.Can work carefully and patiently, have excellent communication skills; be able to effectively work in a     team environment.

Past Experience:
1.At least two (2) years experience in customs declarations in Shenzhen, Possessing FTZ work experience     is an advantage.
2.Have certification of customs declaration and inspection. At least above CET4 English level and can     communication with Foreigner; possess excellent PC skills.
3.Familiar with all procedures of customs declaration.
4.Have knowledge about forward, foreign exchange audit and customs account.

Education & Training:
    Male, 45 years or below, junior college degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering is a pre requisite.

Contact Details:

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