About Us
The Volume Group sources and manufactures food-service equipment and tableware products in the Asia-Pacific region for global food-service clients. The company employs transparent Western management practices in order to meet price, quality and delivery specifications.

The Volume Group ships more than 3,200 TEUs of food-service and tableware products every year. Our network and capabilities are unrivaled.

The Volume Group specializes in three core areas: Sourcing and Procurement, Manufacturing and Commercial Sales, and Supply Chain Management.

Sourcing and Procurement
Commitment to and intense focus upon the food-service equipment and tableware industry has resulted in the Volume Group building a broad network of product vendors across the Asia-Pacific region. From our network we are able to source high-quality, cost-effective products to meet the unique needs of our clients’ business.

In addition, the company offers standards-based quality control inspection for the products sourced or manufactured for our clients. A customized ERP technology platform offers our clients transaction transparency and detailed reporting throughout the sourcing and procurement process.

Manufacturing and Commercial Sales
For global food-service clients with more specific needs, the Volume Group also offer Manufacturing and Commercial Sales services through a comprehensive manufacturing network in China that produce to scale and on-spec unique product lines, which the company exports to locations around the world.

Supply Chain Management
Prior to shipment, the Volume Group provides standards-based quality control and inspection services to ensure the sourced or manufactured products meet our customers’ specifications.

To facilitate accurate and streamlined global delivery, the Volume Group offers comprehensive logistics solutions, including the management of freight forwarding service providers across the Asia-Pacific region and warehousing storage services in China.
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